How to Live Tweet From the STS Annual Meeting

Get a Handle
on Your Tweets


Using the meeting hashtag, #STS2019, helps to ensure that anyone who is following the meeting feed will see your tweet.


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Using Twitter for communication and information dissemination at major medical conferences such as the STS 55th Annual Meeting allows for real-time international conversations, critical appraisal, and networking. Discourse via Twitter broadens the discussion venue for scholarly activity by engaging those attending a meeting, as well as those who are unable to attend. Best of all, these conversations often continue even after the meeting adjourns. 

This live tweeting how-to guide will help you maximize your conference experience and expand the reach of the exciting science presented at the meeting.

Get Your Account Ready
Make sure that your Twitter profile is public so that anyone attending the STS Annual Meeting can see your tweets. If it’s private, only those who you have approved to follow you will see your tweets. Also make sure that you are following individuals in the cardiothoracic surgery community, as well as organizations such as STS (@STS_CTSurgery). 

Encourage Discussion of Your Work
If you’re presenting at the meeting, tweet about your talk in advance to build anticipation. You also can schedule tweets to be sent out during your presentation using a third-party app. You may want to include your Twitter handle and your institution’s handle on your slides, as well as the conference hashtag (#STS2019). Assume by default that data are no longer private once presented.

Start Sharing Your Meeting Experience 
You can highlight sessions that you’re looking forward to attending or share something interesting that you heard during a presentation. Construct your tweets carefully to have the highest impact. Essential components include:

Hashtags – Using the meeting hashtag, #STS2019, ensures that anyone who is following the meeting feed will see your tweet. Your tweets also could appear in the STS Meetings app or here in the STS Meeting Bulletin. Additional hashtags that may be relevant are shown in the accompanying table.

Speaker tags – If you’re tweeting about a specific presentation, tag the speaker and their institution by typing @ in front of their usernames. This will notify the speaker that you’ve tweeted about their presentation; they may retweet, reply to, or like your tweet.

Quotes – Differentiate your personal views from those of the speakers by using quotations. 

Additional resources – Make your tweet more interactive by linking to relevant studies mentioned in the presentation or including a photo of key slides. (Note that taking photos of slides during Tech-Con 2019 is not permitted.)

In addition to tweeting your own thoughts, you can interact with other Annual Meeting attendees by responding to their posts.

Follow Appropriate Twitter Etiquette
It’s important not to disturb your fellow meeting attendees while you’re tweeting. Turn down your phone brightness and volume, and do not obstruct the view of other attendees. In addition, respect intellectual property if requested by the presenter. And keep in mind that while controversy is acceptable, don’t attack someone who may hold different views than you do. Keep your conversation civil. 

This article was adapted from a story published in the Winter 2019 edition of STS News by Jessica G.Y. Luc, MD (@JessicaLuc1) and Mara B. Antonoff, MD (@maraantonoff).