Access the STS National Database for Research

The STS National Database is a valuable tool for quality improvement, and the Society offers investigators various options for using data from the Database for research projects.

Research Using the STS National Database


1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Room 31C

Database participants can submit novel, well-conceived, and hypothesis-driven proposals to the STS Research Center through its Access & Publications Research Program. Submissions are accepted twice a year for the Adult Cardiac Surgery Database, General Thoracic Surgery Database, Congenital Heart Surgery Database, and Intermacs Database. Proposals are approved on a competitive basis for STS-funded analyses performed at a designated STS National Database analytic center.

Another option is the STS Participant User File (PUF) Research Program, which was designed primarily as an affordable option for investigators to pose research questions, quickly obtain quality national-scale de-identified data, analyze these data themselves given appropriate biostatistics resources, receive feedback, and develop their efforts into abstracts and manuscripts.

During a session on Sunday afternoon, speakers will explain the differences between the programs, cover the ins and outs of submitting data requests, and offer tips on developing a hypothesis, specific aims, and a research plan. Attendees also will hear an investigator’s experience with the PUF Program.

This is a must-attend session for anyone wishing to fully understand and utilize the various research options based on data available in the STS National Database. Residents are especially encouraged to learn about the possibilities as they embark upon their research careers.