Symposium Highlights Techniques to Manage Heart Infections

Infectious heart disease, especially as a result of the current opioid epidemic, is on the rise among young adults. At the International Symposium, surgeons from around the world will explain their approaches to dealing with these infections, the central challenges they face, and the ethical disease management dilemmas related to infectious heart disease in young adults.

International Symposium: Confronting Infectious Diseases in Young Adults Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

Monday, January 29
1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Room 304

Speakers will discuss the treatment of infected mitral valves, repairing the bicuspid aortic valve, endocarditis and neurological complications, transcatheter interventions for failing repairs, valve thrombosis, and infection of aortic prostheses.

“Many surgeons in developing countries don’t have the resources they need to treat these patients,” said session moderator Juan P. Umaña, MD, of Fundacion Cardoinfantil-Institute of Cardiology in Bogotá, Colombia. “Imaging techniques are not readily available, so discussing a simple algorithm in how to approach these patients will be a major focus.”